Should I Rent or Buy A Shipping Container?

So you’ve determined that you need a shipping container, but you aren’t sure whether it would be more advantageous to rent  or buy one. In this article, we’ll consider some of the points that will help you make that determination. Everyone has different applications  in mind for shipping containers. What you intend to use the container for will be a deciding factor in figuring out whether you rent one temporarily or whether it should be permanent.

Usage and length of time

The purpose for which you need a shipping container is one of the most critical factors in determining whether you should buy or rent one. If you own a small business  and need extra storage for a busy season, you would probably be best off renting a shipping container. On the other hand, if you intend to store landscaping equipment in the container indefinitely, it would be more advantageous to buy a shipping container. Consider how and how long you’ll need a container before deciding whether to rent or buy.


When you purchase a storage container you are out of pocket thousands of dollars up front.  If you rent you pay a small monthly fee and return the unit when done with it.  The cost/benefit decision changes along with the pricing of containers.   Generally speaking the breakeven point financially has been 2.5 years on a 20’ and 3.5 years on a 40.

Size of the container

People planning to rent or buy storage containers should also consider the size of any unit to be acquired. If you have limited space available on your property, you may not want to rent or buy a 40′ unit. There are smaller sizes, of course, so you could easily rent or buy one that’s only 20′ long and have it fit comfortably on your premises. Commercial users of storage containers probably would not have any issues with renting or buying containers of any size since your property dimensions would likely accommodate almost any size.


Many towns and municipalities have their own zoning rules pertaining to containers.   Purchasing a container might be considered “permanent” while renting might be considered “temporary”.  It’s always a good idea to check with local town and municipality around their zoning rules for a storage container.

Rent or buy a shipping container

If you want to rent or buy a shipping container, and you live anywhere in the region Northern New Jersey, there’s only one place to call  – and that’s Jake Containers! We can deliver your container, and you’ll have all the advantages of a weather-resistant storage container, which can have hundreds of different uses. In addition, we typically provide a much newer, cleaner rental storage container than competitors.  We can provide you with a new or used container, and you’ll have the option to rent or buy to make it compatible with your budget requirements.  Our team can also help you learn about the process of buying or renting a shipping container.  

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