Deciding whether to buy a new vs. used shipping container?  When choosing to purchase or rent a new one trip container or a used container it is important to think through your shipping container needs.

What to consider when choosing a new vs. used shipping container:


  1. Importance of container condition – Used containers are ideal if you’re looking for effective storage solutions, whereas new containers work better for projects where modifications need to be made or aesthetics are important.
  2. Your price range – As you might expect, a new one trip shipping container is going to be more expensive to buy than a used container. But did you know used containers come in various grades and are priced accordingly?
  3. The extras – New one trip containers typically come with extra vents and forklift pockets.

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New one trip containers are usually less than a year old; making only “one trip” with goods from overseas to the United States.  They are a great choice for those looking for the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics. The containers are typically a solid color with very little signs of wear and are equipped with extra venting, high locking handles, and a factory lock box.

New one trip containers are usually the best choice for those wishing to modify a shipping container.  Often times customers ask for a “certificate of origin” during the construction permitting process. This is easier to provide using a new one trip container vs. a used storage container.  We offer a wide variety of container modifications and can convert a container to your specifications.

A new one trip shipping container is going to be more expensive to buy than a used container, so you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth the extra expense.

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Used storage containers are ideal for those who are less concerned with aesthetics and are looking to bridge the gap between function and cost. With proper maintenance and care, used shipping containers will last for years to come.

Used shipping containers are typically 10-20 years old and are sourced from container leasing companies and international steamship lines. Reflecting the rigors of the container shipping process; used containers vary in color and have logos, superficial dents and scratches, and rust from the exposed steel of the container oxidizing. Refurbishing and painting shipping containers are popular options for those looking to extend both the life and the aesthetic appeal of their container.

Used containers are the best choice for those who are looking for effective storage solutions. Some examples include file and record storage, boat and recreational vehicle storage, furniture storage, and construction storage.

Used containers come in different quality grades, so the pricing can vary depending on the condition.  However, you will definitely save some money buying a used shipping container vs. a one trip storage container.



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