Construction Site Storage Containers

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Construction Site Storage Containers in New Jersey

Steel shipping containers are ideal for ground level, secure storage at your job site. Jake Containers provides storage containers to contractors in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and many more areas!

Construction sites typically have high-value equipment and materials, so the risk of theft is always a concern. Contractors in and around New Jersey use construction site storage containers for a safe, secure space to lock up tools & supplies for their jobs. Jake’s storage containers are a real advantage on a jobsite, providing you with sufficient storage space & quality steel storage containers.

Construction storage containers can be used to store all sorts of items including heavy tools and machinery. Bringing heavy equipment like forklifts, bobcats, and scrapers to and from a main storage facility and the job site can waste time and make your workday longer. The simple solution is renting or buying an on-site portable storage container to leave all of your work materials on your current job site overnight.

In addition to providing you the space you need, our New Jersey construction site shipping containers include safety features to ensure the security of tools, materials and equipment. Safety on the job is a top priority, and our ground level storage containers provide our customers with safety-minded solutions. Security is crucial to the efficiency of jobs, and that is why all of our units are constructed of heavy gauge steel, with lockable latched doors.

Popular construction site options offer side-opening or double-end-opening storage containers, or hi-cube for easy loading and storing extra tall or long items. 

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