Jake Containers prides itself on customer satisfaction.  If we don’t meet your expectations, we offer a 30-day guarantee from the date of delivery.

For starters, we guarantee that your container will arrive in the condition that you ordered.  All containers we sell are wind & watertight condition at a minimum.  Please keep in mind all used containers are likely to have some surface rust, dings/dents, and other cosmetic issues.  For customers where appearance of the container is important, we recommend letting the Sales team know prior to purchase so we can help determine if painting a used container or providing a new shipping container better suits your needs.  

Upon the delivery of the storage container, we ask that you inspect it for holes and any daylight from the inside.  On the rare occasion that something is wrong, you can reject the container and we will swap it out for another. 

As you enjoy the shipping container and within the first 30 days of use, we offer an additional condition guarantee.  Should something go wrong with the container, please contact our office to review the options outlined below.

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Our 30-Day Guarantee

  • Option 1:  Repair reimbursement – Jake will reimburse you up to a pre-approved limit to repair your storage container to the condition purchased.
  • Option 2:  On site repair – If Jake offers repair capability within your area, we will send a technician out to inspect & repair the problem free of charge.
  • Option 3: Exchange the container – If feasible, Jake will exchange the storage container for another.  However, additional delivery fees will apply.
  • Option 4: Return the container – If the above options don’t suit your needs, you can return for a full refund.  Delivery fees & restocking charges apply.

For customers where appearance of the container is important, we recommend letting the Sales team know prior to purchase so we can help determine if painting a used container or getting a new container best suits your needs.  The 30-day guarantee does not apply to cosmetic issues.

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Watch & Learn About Container Delivery

The ground should be level, preferably asphalt, concrete or gravel.

  • A 20’ tilt bed truck requires approximately 60 feet of straight clearance to drop a container.
  • A 40’ tilt bed truck requires approximately 110 feet of straight clearance to drop a container.
  • All vehicles need at least 10 feet of width and 25 feet of overhead clearance to accommodate the tilting of the tilt bed truck.

Additional Tips

  • The best way to avoid issues with your container is to address them upon delivery.  Please inspect your container for holes, open and close the doors and ask your delivery driver any questions about how to use your shipping container. 


  • Because containers are stacked both on ships and during storage at container depots, sometimes you’ll see dings and dents on the roof. If water pools, those dents can turn rusty.  Eventually the rust can break through causing pinholes in the container.  The best way to prevent this is to check your container regularly and paint or seal the poor spots on the roof with a compound formulated for use on metal surfaces.


  • If you are arranging the pick up your container, it’s very important to inspect the container prior to leaving the container yard. Containers can be rejected in the yard if they are not in the condition you purchased.  If there are driver issues during customer pickup please call us at 973-957-7600 for assistance.


  • Loading containers heavy on one side or setting them on uneven surfaces can cause doors to not line up properly.  Even surfaces that look flat may have enough slope to twist the container and make the container not level.   When this occurs, the doors might be more difficult to open and close.  PLEASE make sure your container is level upon delivery and make sure the doors open and close freely prior to our driver leaving your location.


  • It is often recommended to place your container on blocks or railroad ties under the door frame, especially in areas where water buildup might be an issue.  Please contact the Jake Containers team for delivery guidance for your container.