You can modify shipping containers in many ways. In fact, here in New Jersey, shipping container homes and offices have become very popular. We offer a variety of container modifications from doors and windows to venting and lights. Shipping container modifications include painting, security lockboxes, personnel doors, rollup doors, windows, additional venting, mobile office containers and more!


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Image of a modified container sauna


Ground level office containers offer a nice alternative to traditional office trailers.  Mobile office containers are a convenient solution for temporary or permanent office space.  Ground level office containers can be used as a portable office on a job site and can be easily transported from one location to another. Modify shipping containers for office use today.

Image of an office interior


We can install different types of doors & windows in your storage container.

Image of rollup doors on shipping containers

Steel rollup doors commonly come either 6 or 8 feet wide and in different gauges of steel. Steel rollup doors can be installed on the sides of containers or in place of the standard swing doors.

Image of a modified shipping container with doors

Personnel doors, commonly referred to as man doors, can be used to provide an additional entry/exit for your container. Steel personnel doors are typically 3 feet wide with a lever handle and a deadbolt lock.

Modified shipping container with window & security bars

We have made window modifications at our New Jersey shop for many shipping container offices and storage units. Standard windows are 3 feet wide by 3 feet high and are installed with security bars on the outside.


Adding additional venting to your container can reduce condensation and help manage air flow in your steel shipping container.

Image of a modified storage container with louvered vents

Louvered Vents

Another way to modify shipping containers is with louvered vents.  Louver vents can be installed to combat excessive moisture in your container. They are usually installed at opposite ends of the container to maximize air flow.

Image of modified storage container with turbine vents

Turbine Vents

Turbine vents, commonly referred to as “whirly bird” vents, are often seen on the roof of a container. Turbine vents can be installed standalone or in combination with louvered vents on a shipping container.


Paint your shipping container in any color of your choice. Painting modifications are available upon request. Whether a container has some cosmetic blemishes and is in need of a facelift or you simply wish to have customized containers to match your brand, Jake Containers can make it happen.

Image of a painted steel container modification

Before Painting

Image of a steel container modification

After Painting


  • Lockboxes – High security lockbox
  • Panic Bars – Horizontal mounted bar on the inside of your container swing doors
  • Cut Downs – Containers cut down to your specific length
  • Lighting & Electrical – Outfit your storage container with interior or exterior lighting and electric
  • Heating & Cooling – Install a combo heat/HVAC unit in your container
  • Interior Finishing – Frame, insulate and panel your container for a comfortable look and feel
  • Mobile Office Containers – Order a 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 foot office container today!

Lock Boxes

Image of a modified steel container with lockbox

Panic Bars

Image of a modified steel container with panic bars

Cut Downs

Image of a steel container cutdown

Lighting & Electrical

Image of a modified steel container with electricity & lighting

Heating & Cooling

Image of a steel container modified to add heating & cooling

Interior Finishing

Image of a modified steel container with interior finishing

20 Foot Mobile Office Next to Store Front

Image of a modified shipping container office

Need a Special Modification Done to Your Steel Shipping Container? We have done many custom modifications at our storage yard in New Jersey on shipping container offices and storage units, and we can help you with your custom additions as well. Please Send Over a Drawing or Design Plan and Let Our Team Provide You With a Quote!

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