Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and offer affordable storage solutions for both residential and business consumers. The components of every new & used shipping container ensure it is a secure option for storing important materials nearby a home or business.

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Container Roof

We guarantee your container will be leak free at delivery. Container roofs are corrugated and are designed to taper off so rain and melting snow drain to the sides to reduce pooling.

Container Walls

Most container walls are made of 14 gauge Corten steel and the walls are corrugated like the roof of a shipping container.  Corten steel is designed to be corrosion resistant. The walls connect into a top rail where the wall and roof meet and a bottom rail in the floor. They meet up at the corner posts.

Corner Castings

Each corner of a shipping container has a core component called a corner casting. The corner posts of the container hold all the weight when stacking containers. These corner posts and castings play an important role in lifting, handling, and fixing containers.

Container doors

Shipping containers have two doors that swing open on one end of the container. The storage container doors are closed by lock rods that run the length of the door. The lock rods have locking cams at the top and bottom to hook into cam retainers above the header and below the threshold of the container.  Door handle levers are used to turn the lock rods to open and close the doors. Door handle brackets have a place to put a padlock to lock the handle against the container door. Most one trip storage containers will also have a lock box, which is a metal box that is welded to the door for enhanced security.

The CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) Plate

Every shipping container used for international transport requires a valid CSC plate.  The CSC plate contains important safety standards including design requirements, minimum functionality, and resistance to forces that every container is subjected to when they are being used for shipping purposes.

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The Container Floor

Shipping container floors are made of steel cross members and marine grade plywood. Steel cross-members span the width of the container. A bottom rail runs around the perimeter of the cross-members. The marine grade plywood is screwed into the cross-members to create the floor. Most 40 foot containers also have a steel plate in the middle to give the floor extra strength. All 20 foot containers have a set of fork pockets on the bottom rail of the container.  New one trip 40 foot containers are also equipped with fork pockets.

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Image of a storage container