Personalized Service

You’re busy, we get it!   You have a business to run, employees to manage and customers to service.   Jake Containers works with shipping container resellers to handle all their container purchasing!

Think of Jake Containers as your outsourced purchasing department for shipping container resellers.  We take the time up front to understand your likes and dislikes about shipping containers.  All information is confidential and allows our whole team to quickly and accurately work on your account. 

Prefer to work with one specific member of our team?  No problem, we can make that happen.

Image of storage containers stacked on each other
  • Prefer storage containers that match your rental fleet?    Just ask!
  • Do you want Jake Containers to handle all deliveries for you?    Consider it done. 
  • Need pictures of the containers that you are purchasing with each order? Never a Problem.
  • Our team will take care of any shipping container resellers needs!
Image of storage containers stacked on top of each other

Location Matters

Jake Containers is located within a few miles of Port Newark in New Jersey, the largest container location on the East Coast!  With over 30 years of experience locally, our team often has access to containers that others do not.  We have relationships with many different container suppliers: including container steamship lines, leasing companies and manufacturers overseas. 

Additionally, we operate our own container facility with a yard full of containers of most sizes and conditions.

With our significant supply relationships, we can order new, 1-trip equipment from manufacturers overseas and bring them to our facility or yours.  We can tailor the purchase to include the paint color of your choice with logos and decals as well!  Contact us at 973-957-7600 to discuss your new container order.

Customer Reviews

Jake Containers prides itself on providing consistently exceptional service and maintaining lasting customer relationships.  We are happy to introduce you directly to any of our shipping container resellers that are customers!

We asked several customers that use our Reseller services to say something about us.  For confidentiality purposes the customer names are intentionally omitted.

“Darrin and his team are great.  I pick up the phone, tell them what I am looking for and within a few hours they present several options to choose from.  I rely on their knowledge of the local container market and it saves me time from having to keep up to date myself.  Great service!”
Customer in Pennsylvania


“They know exactly what I want for used equipment and will not send us something that does not meet my condition requirements. Additionally, even if I am not in the market to purchase, they call me when they know that a container I would like becomes available.”
Customer located in Vermont


“We began working with Jake when we started our container rental business.  They were helpful in getting us started, recommending 1-trip 20-foot containers of a specific color. They always have stock and have allowed us to grow the business on our own timeline without tying up capital and other valuable resources. I appreciate the relationship with Jake.”
Customer located in Massachusetts


“Darrin drove to my facility to meet me and my team.  We had been purchasing used 20-foot containers and painting them grey for years and now we only purchase custom ordered, new grey units.  We did not even know that was an option!”
Customer in New York State


Jake Containers makes it easy and affordable for resellers to purchase containers. 
We always have inventory readily available so that there’s never a delay in filling your container needs.  
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Still have questions?  Learn more about the storage container rental process or go directly to our FAQ page.

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