Jake Container’s yard in New Jersey has 40 foot shipping containers for sale that represent tremendous value when the job calls for capacity. They are a great option when you need to store larger equipment and do not plan on moving the container around.

Sign up for delivery or come to our office in New Jersey for 40 foot steel shipping containers from Jake Containers if you need storage for large open locations such as job-sites and parking lots. 40 foot shipping containers are also typically the best value of all container sizes if you have adequate room at your delivery location.

Image of a 40 foot steel container
40 ft. Shipping container for sale NJ

Standard Height
40ft Storage Container

40-foot-used shipping containers come in wind & water tight condition. This protects the containers from the elements and also prevents any potential rodent infestation. Used containers will have some cosmetic blemishes, they can be painted. These work great in almost any application.

Image of a 40 foot steel container

High Cube
40ft Storage Container

40-foot high-cube shipping containers are a foot taller than the standard 40-foot steel shipping containers at our New Jersey facility. This additional space adds capacity for stacking materials higher. The versatility of a 40-foot high cube shipping container makes loading, access, and handling easy.

Image of a 40 foot steel container

New/One Trip Standard Height and High Cube 40ft Storage Container

40-foot-new shipping containers, also called one-trip containers, are the best available on the market. These containers are manufactured overseas, used once for cargo, and then sold. One-trip containers typically come equipped with high locking bars, a security lockbox, and additional venting.


  • 40 foot double-door containers
  • 40 foot refrigerated containers
  • 40 foot flat rack containers
  • 40 foot insulated containers
  • 40 foot open-top containers
Watch & Learn About Container Conditions & Pricing

Don’t buy just any Container

Local depots sell what they have on hand, which often means containers are sold in bad condition:

Dents. Rust. Holes. Floor boards. Door seals & lock rods. Dirt. Graffiti. We’ve seen it all.

Just because a container is used, it doesn’t mean it should have these issues. Watch to see what you can expect.

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NJ storage containers for sale - construction

Steel shipping containers provide easy access ground level, secure storage at your job site.

NJ Shipping containers for sale - hospitality

Need more room for excess equipment, a renovation project, or seasonal storage? Call Jake Containers today!

commercial and industrial containers for sale NJ
Commercial & Industrial

Containers are often used to store excess inventory, layaway items, returned goods, or landscaping tools.

NJ Storage containers for sale - municipal & government
Municipal & Government

Schools, towns, and agencies need storage space for supplies, documents, waste collection and much more.