6 Years in Business

Being in business for 6 years feels like 6 minutes, 6 years and 6 decades! And while I wouldn’t change a thing, it always feels good to pause and reflect about what I learned over 6 years in business:

Surround yourself with good people – Folks that are easy to be around, share a laugh with and honestly care about you and the company are the relationships to value.

Know your numbers – It is easy to overlook basics once you achieve some success. Know your numbers at each stage of the small business journey.

Brag about your business (just a little!) – We tend to focus on the 10% of what goes wrong vs. the 90% of what is going right. Be proud of your success.

Lean in to failure – A late delivery, a damaged container. In this business, things WILL go wrong. Don’t freak out, just make it right!

Take some risks – The comfort zone is a comfortable place, but nothing ever grows there. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Learn when to call in the experts – Remember you can’t do everything.

Thank you to all of our customers, employees, container suppliers, delivery providers, and many others in helping us make it to year 7!

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