5 Year Anniversary

To think that 5 years ago today we sold our first container and now we sell thousands per year is truly humbling.  As we celebrate 5 years in business, I wanted to write this post as a thank you.

Thank you to my employees, both past and present.  Without each of you during this journey we would not have been able to achieve our goals.  I enjoy working with you every day.

Thank you to our delivery partners,  Jeff, Tim, Anthony, Joe, Frank, Christian and others. You are a customer facing extension of the Jake Containers brand and we thank you and your drivers for your services.

Jake has formed some incredible relationships with container suppliers these past 5 years.  While I cannot name them all, we thank you all for your partnerships.

Thank you to our marketing team, our industry consultants (Mark D, Big Al, KJ and 2 Joes to name a few) and to some personal friends who are always there for me with guidance (Carmine, Gary).

Thank you Pete Tuscano!  If you are reading this and have never met this man, take a trip to Kearny, NJ to simply introduce yourself.  I was simply lucky to have met him.  Pete and his incredible team gave us a home these past 3 years and helped us build this business.  I will be forever grateful to PJT.

Finally, thanks to my Jake family.  Julia, Alexandra, Kyla and Elise who make up JAKE.   You are all so supportive and the reason I work each and every day and I love you all.

If you have done business with Jake Containers, we thank you.  If you have not, lets do some business.  We are just getting started!

Why Jake Containers?

Why Choosing A Local Company Matters


  • Want a picture of your exact container? No problem, just ask. See if others can do that for you.
  • Want to visit us and pick out your storage container? Come on by!
  • If container arrives NOT in condition sold, reject it and we will bring back to our yard.
  • We stand behind what we sell.  See our condition guarantee.
  • Our local carriers are pre-approved and checked for safety records and valid insurance.
  • Need a container repair? Call us, we can send folks out. Can national brokers do this for you?
  • Not sure if you want to rent vs. buy? We offer both, try renting and then convert to purchase.

Working with the Jake team brings you local, reliable service.  We put our customers first and have the testimonials to back it up.

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Why Jake Containers?


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