5 Uses for 40-Foot Storage Containers

The days of 40-foot shipping containers being used only for transporting goods across the country are now long gone, and that’s now just one of the many uses that these versatile containers have. 40 ft shipping containers are popular for both personal purposes and business functions. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a few modifications to the container to serve whatever purpose you have in mind. 

As more and more individuals and businesses discover the benefits and features of sturdy 40-foot storage containers, new and creative uses are being found for them.

Creative uses for 40-foot storage containers

  • Offices – If you have a growing business, you may not have the time or the working capital to invest in discovering and leasing new office space. However, suppose you have extra space for some on your property. In that case, it will be easy to situate a 40-foot shipping container close to your building and create a container office for several individuals. With just some minor modifications, it can be made livable and functional for your employees. 


  • Garages – a 40-ft storage container can be used as a family garage to house cars, motorcycles, and even smaller trucks right on your premises. If you have any machinery used around the property, that can also be stored here. For instance, weed-whackers, lawnmowers, small tractors, and all kinds of tools can be stored securely at your residence.


  • Emergency shelters – In recent years, the number of natural disasters has increased, and the severity of those disasters has also been escalating. That means more people are homeless because their housing has been destroyed or damaged. Storage containers can provide excellent temporary housing, especially when outfitted with accommodations for heating, cooling, bathrooms, and sleeping arrangements.


  • Bathrooms – Constructing full-blown bathrooms on the premises can be expensive, and there never seems to be enough of them. It has become common for fairs and festivals to use 40-foot storage containers as bathrooms to provide extra comfort facilities for patrons. Shipping containers are mobile enough to be moved around, and that means you can have portable restrooms transported to any festivals or events which call for them.


  • Miscellaneous storage areas – You can never seem to have too much storage space these days, and it seems as though extra storage space is practically disappearing. 40-foot shipping containers can provide you with all the extra storage space, you need at a very affordable cost.

Containers avoid the necessity of renting storage space, and you can place your container anywhere nearby for convenience. These containers provide a tremendous amount of extra storage space, so you can use them to store almost anything temporarily.

Where can you rent/purchase 40-foot storage containers?

The best place in the entire tri-state area for purchasing or renting high-quality steel shipping containers is at Jake Containers in Ridgefield Park, NJ . On the premises, you’ll find containers of all sizes so that you will be able to get exactly what you need for whatever purpose you require. You can count on acquiring a 40-foot storage container that will stand up to all weather elements indefinitely and keep your goods and personnel safe and dry. Contact us  today at Jake’s Containers to find out more about our high-quality shipping containers.

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