Uses for 20-Foot Storage Containers

In the past, 20-foot shipping containers were primarily used to transport goods across the country, and they were perfect in that role because they kept items safe and dry throughout the entire journey. 

Many more uses for 20-ft storage containers have been discovered, and they are now used in ways that were never thought of when constructed initially.

Creative uses for storage containers

Here are a few of the current ways that 20-foot shipping containers are now being used to great advantage by both residential and commercial users:

    • Industrial equipment storage – the 20-foot storage container is well-suited for storing your industrial equipment, keeping it safe and dry regardless of the weather. If any adaptations are necessary, a whole marketplace offers add-on products that make storage even more convenient and practical.


    • Job site storage – the construction industry commonly uses 20-foot storage containers to house building materials and equipment that must be protected against the weather and theft. Containers allow workers to easily store and access required materials right at the job site, where it’s most convenient.


    • Offices – In some countries of the world, office space is at a premium because overcrowding has become rampant. One great alternative to traditional office buildings is using 20-foot shipping containers to provide the necessary accommodations. Since they’re stackable, they can offer a great deal of office space without taking up a whole lot of area. Modifications can include heat, electricity, and air conditioning like any brick-and-mortar office.


  • Shed storageresidential customers like to use their 20-foot storage containers in place of constructing a shed on their property. You’ll never have to worry about the contents getting wet, and you can store valuable equipment securely. Landscaping equipment, do-it-yourself materials, and gardening supplies are what many people keep in their 20-foot containers. With roll-up doors getting things in and out of the shed is easy to do.

Where can you purchase 20-foot storage containers?

You can either rent or purchase 20-ft storage containers at Jake Containers in Ridgefield, NJ. People from all over the tri-state area have found the containers they are looking for at Jake Containers. These are high-quality steel shipping containers that are suitable for commercial or residential use. You’ll be able to store many of the valuables you own and keep them safe and dry indefinitely. Contact us at Jake’s Containers to ask any questions you might have or set up a visit where you can browse through all the different kinds of storage containers.

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